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How it works?

Washing machines handle up to 48 kg of laundry at once

Is Christmas or Easter coming? Have you and your entire family just come back from vacation? Or would you like your wardrobe to look like a new one? No problem. You can use several washing machines at once. Our washing machines can handle up to incredible 48 kg of washing within 40 minutes. In our laundries there are smaller washing machines for 10 kg and larger washing machines with the capacity of up to 18 kg. You don’t need to worry about the drying either. You can use a large dryer for up to 21 kg or a smaller one for 14 kg.

You don’t want to spend long hours at home, washing, drying and ironing your laundry, or spend a lot of money for a dry cleaner? Choose the Speed ​​Queen self-service laundry. Doing the washing at our laundries is simple, fast and professional. You will save your money and time. You can also spend the hour, washing and drying your laundry, surfing the internet - we offer you free Wi-Fi.

How to do the washing simply and professionally within 40 minutes

Choose the washing machine according to the amount of laundry (10 kg or 18 kg).
Put the dirty laundry into the washing machine.

After closing the washing machine door, select the program and the appropriate wash temperature. Insert Czech coins (CZK 5, CZK 10, CZK 20 or CZK 50) or tokens. Both can be combined arbitrarily. Press the START button. The sound will indicate the end of the wash and the sign DOOR will appear on the display of the washing machine. The door is automatically unlocked.
Open the door and take the washed laundry out


In our washing machines, the maximum washing temperature is se to 60°C.  Programs of 90°C a 60°C are identical.

How to dry your laundry quickly

To wash your laundry in 40 minutes, then take it home wet and dry it on laundry clotheslines for hours? That makes no sense. Even here Speed ​​Queen public laundry has a solution for you. Our professional machines will dry your laundry very well and especially fast.

The drying time is depended on the amount of laundry and the type of fabric. For optimum drying results, we recommend to dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

Fluffy laundry, newer look

Take a look at the photos of our laundries and evaluate how pleasant environment we have created for you.

Operating rules of the self-service laundry

  1. Before washing / drying, the user gets familiar with the operating rules of the equipment used. In case he needs a more detailed explanation, he can contact the operator by telephone or personally.
  2. The user is obliged to observe the general principles of laundry washing and drying. Wash white laundry separated from the coloured one. Follow the (washing and drying) temperatures recommended on ​​the textile label and always select the program with appropriate temperature.
  3. The operator is not responsible for damages caused by inappropriate use of individual devices.
  4. Washing machines are set to wash commonly dirty laundry. To achieve stain removal, we recommend using own detergents to remove specific impurities according to recommended dosage and use. Removal of textile stains cannot be guaranteed by the operator.
  5. It is forbidden to wash laundry heavily dirty of grease, chemical products, flammable products or material particles (glued plaster, etc.), laundry with sharp objects attached. The user washes his torn or ripped laundry at his own risk
  6. Person authorized by the operator has the right to check laundry which is put into the washing machines and the right to refuse laundry unsuitable for washing at this facility.
  7. The user is obliged to keep the self-service laundry room in order and behave so that there are no limitations to the space of other users and the space around the devices. Grey baskets are available to carry the washed laundry to the tumble dryers. Folding tables are designed to handle clean washing
  8. Children are not allowed to run within the space of the laundry and to get anywhere near the machines.
  9. Smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages are prohibited throughout the facility.
  10. It is not allowed to bring animals inside.
  11. To help resolve unexpected situations (medical, technical emergencies, or others) please contact the operator immediately.
  12. In case of danger, device failure or fire use the emergency stop switch.
  13. The tax document can be issued after prior agreement with the operator.